Resources for Parents and Students

This is a page for current students and their parents. Helpful resources and materials for successful practice!

Commonly Used PDFs

These are PDFs that we use often. You may be asked to print one of these!

Practice Calendar
Twinkle Tips
Book 1 Scales
Three Octave Scale Rhythms
Bow Hold Challenge
Unicorn Practice Chart
Review Chart
Review Chart (Weekly)

Studio Schedules

Year at a Glance

Teaching Tutorials for Beginners

During quarantine, I dove into the world of online teaching. At the time, I was starting several beginners. I made these videos to help the parents practice with their young beginners at home. Even though we are back to (mostly) in-person lessons, these videos can be helpful practice tools.

Check out my YouTube Channel for all of my teaching videos.

Here is a sampling of the tutorial videos I have made.

Helpful Links

Where to order music & supplies:

Shar Music

Sheet Music Plus

Public Domain Music

You can download public domain music for free here: IMSLP

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